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Helping Small Businesses Establish Credit

Separating your finances draws a distinct line between your business and your personal life and makes managing your cash flow easier.  A strong business credit profile can mean better financing terms. As a business owner, you want to maintain both a strong personal credit history and a strong credit profile for your business.

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Business Credit Scores

Determine your business borrowing power


 Your business credit report and score can determine how much financing you are able to secure. 

Determine your rates on business insurance


Some insurance providers evaluate a business owner’s credit as well as the business’s credit to determine rates on commercial insurance. 

Determine terms you can secure with vendors


Vendors and suppliers sometimes look at a business’s credit scores to decide how long of a grace period to give the business before demanding payment for goods and services 

Starter Vendors


Having a big, billion-dollar idea for a new company or start-up is great—but now what? You probably need a website, a tech team, some office space, and, of course, at least enough cash coming in each month to pay your rent.

Which means, you need money. Whether it’s a cool new app or a swanky café, most businesses and most entrepreneurs require at least a little bit of funding to really get off the ground in their early days.  Starter vendors are ones who will give your small business initial credit even if your company has no credit, no score, or no trade lines.  

Setup And Activate Business Credit Profile