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Yesu2can Financial Consulting Group® is here to help you grow your company by leveraging business credit.  Our organization will get your business into the best possible position to be approved for various types of credit and financing.  Whether you're a start-up or existing business we get your business set up the right way to meet lender and credit issuer approval requirements.  Getting your loan application approved is much easier if you are prepared.

To be prepared is half the victory!

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  Just like you have a personal credit score, your business also has a credit score. Business credit is a track record of a business's financial responsibility that companies, investors, or financial organizations use to determine whether or not that business is a good candidate to lend money to or do business with.

Accessing Credit That Grows Your Business

Vendor Credit

 When you are first starting to build business credit, your first step should be vendor or trade credit.  

Secured Credit Card

 A secured business credit card works just like a traditional credit card; you can use it for everyday purchases or where cash is not accepted. The difference is that it uses a refundable security deposit or refundable certificate of deposit (CD) as collateral, which in turn directly determines your credit limit.

Commercial Vehicle Financing

 Purchase or lease the vehicle you need to keep your business rolling. 

Store Business Credit

These are service providers like Visa and MasterCard.   These are companies such as Walmart and Dell, and also Home Depot, BP, and Racetrac.  

Merchant Services

These are services that allow a business to accept credit card transactions, as well as other electronic methods like debit cards and mobile payments. 

Free 15 Minute Consultation

To help you better understand your credit situation, Yesu2can Financial Consulting Group® offers a Financial Analysis. The analysis gives a detailed overview of your business and suggests a personalized strategy for building "Business Credit". The financial analysis is complimentary, confidential and customized for every business that we service. 

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Why Is Business Credit Important?

Good credit is the lifeline of your business. It enables you to obtain funding for things like expansion, capital expenditures, research and development, and staffing. It is the principal contributing factor to your business’s future growth, not to mention the cash necessary for survival. Good business credit also allows you to keep the cash you have to cover your cost of doing business; such liquidity lets you respond quickly to time-sensitive requirements, without halting or compromising operations

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