Have you ever played by the rules only to see the sad consequences because "they" changed the rules? Many would-be retirees are left stranded economically and crushed emotionally when all the promises that were made to them vanish.  When it came their time to cash in they were devastated.  It's through no fault of their own—other than they trusted the "rules" and the economy failed them. 

Warren Buffett—"Only when the tide goes out do you discover who's been swimming naked".

When the economy is great and prosperous, everyone looks good and in control.  But when the economy causes your finances to plummets, how do you look?  Remember 2008?

Message from CEO

 Audrey Rush-Green is an American financial coach, leadership expert,  

entrepreneur, speaker, and evangelist who serves as the chairman and CEO of Yesu2can Financial Consulting Group®. 

After working in the financial industry for over seventeen years, Audrey wanted to see finance made simpler, and more straightforward. Then she also realized she was working for an income and increasing the company assets and not her own.  "I wanted an opportunity to do what I wanted, not from my efforts, but from what I created", said Audrey.  So she became the principal founder of Yesu2can Financial Consulting Group® to improve the financial health of the underserved population.  A population of individuals, including urban minorities, who have historically been outside the purview of finance due to factors such as a high incidence of income below the poverty line, education or to geographic isolation. 

 Yesu2can Financial Consulting Group® understands that there’s a million questions that go through people’s minds when it comes to being financially independent,” said Audrey. The hardest part of not understanding finance is the public shame and the risk that comes from a lack of knowledge and information.

Having decades of financial experience, Yesu2can Financial Consulting Group® is uniquely qualified as a go-to resource for individuals and businesses having trouble with their finances. We want you to have the knowledge of our years.

New clients are drawn to Yesu2can Financial Consulting Group® , Audrey said, because we don't make unrealistic promises or attempt to minimize the difficulty of their situation. At the same time, she embraces her own troubled past with other people to show them there is light at the end of the tunnel.

  It’s your financial life; it’s your decision. We will bring abilities that are second to none to help you be successful. We will connect our capabilities for clients as no other  can. Simply put, we are here to serve. 

Thank you for your support,

 Yesu2can Financial Consulting Group® 

Thank You For Being A Client

 I hope you find it informative and enjoyable to read more about Yesu2can Financial Consulting Group® in the following pages, where you’ll see more examples of how we’re helping to make financial lives better through quality education. 

 Hopefully, the information you find here will create a spark in your spirit and set you on a quest to learn more.