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We recognize that a person is not defined by their credit score. Unfortunately, the banks don’t perceive it that way.   We strongly believe that there is value in partnership,  this is why  we are looking to grow a database of companies that realize the value of a high credit score and are willing to partner up with Yesu2can Financial Consulting Group® to help bring their clients to the closing table.  

For companies looking to improve business and revenue, a strategic partnership with Yesu2can Financial Consulting Group® will be a smart choice. Now companies in the financial service fields, such as mortgage, real estate, and auto industries have a positive way to handle denials. Refer those denials to us and we will keep you posted so you will know when their credit is ready for a loan.  

Never again do you have to turn someone away because of bad credit. Instead of getting denied, you tell them how they will be approved. Instead of telling them not now, you tell them how. This will increase your closing ratio within the first couple of months of being partners with us. Can you think of how many loans you didn't close because of bad credit? What would increasing your closing ratio do for your company, your life, and your clients?

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